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3rd Sector, Social Economy or Not-for-Private-Profit Organisations have an increasingly important role and visibility in people’s and communities’ lives. This happens because of the changes in public policies (transference of competences from the State to these organisations), the economic crisis, unemployment rise, poverty and the consequent need to provide more support in different areas.

Nowadays 3rd Sector faces challenges that create the need for new spaces of collaboration, learning and sharing. For that it is necessary to enlarge networking and promote a European framework of discussion about the theme. The main discussion topics of this Grundtvig Partnership are about conceptual and legal frameworks, financing and training models, successful practices, evaluation methods, competences recognition and other major results. Social innovation will arise from the contact and collaboration between different partners, working in indifferent contexts and facing a wide range of problems, practices and solutions. HERE can have a better understanding about the project framework, objectives and steps.

Partners come from Cyprus, Italy, Germany and Portugal (coordinator); they are all different social economy enterprises/organizations. Know more about partners HERE

Within this project, there are 6 learning journeys organised in all partner countries and hosted by partners. You can find HERE more information about our mobilities.

This partnership is committed to Social Economy development is several dimensions, at an European Level. For this, the main result of this project will be a POSITION PAPER. There are also other results, such as LEAFLETS, NEWSLETTERS and a YOUTUBE CHANNEL.