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Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI) is currently implementing over 15 European, international and a few national projects in domains that lie at the interface between science and society. Its vision is to use science and technology towards positive social transformation. Its 15 full time and more than 10 part-time and visiting experts pioneer not only in envisioning, implementing and exploiting CNTI’s projects, but also in supporting dozens of partner organizations and many national NGOs in designing their own programs, providing training in management, evaluation and implementation. CNTI collaborates with 21st Century Agoras in the development and application of most modern methodologies of structured dialogue, aiming to support diverse groups of stakeholders with conflicting interests and points of view, develop shared understanding of problems and achieve consensus in action plans. Furthermore, CNTI has a lead role among all NGOs in Cyprus: (a) It leads the Platform for all Development NGOs; (b) It coordinates most actions between the two conflicting (Greek and Turkish Cypriots) societies on the island, mainly with UN funding; (c) It has been chosen by UNHCR as its implementing partner for all its activities on the island; (d) It has the Ministry of Education, the major telecommunications company, and umbrella Human Rights Associations as partners. This is why CNTI is interested to join this effort, contribute its experience and know-how as well as learn from the rest.


Yiannis Laouris

Future Worlds Center

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Federação Nacional de Cooperativas de Solidariedade Social, FCRL

FENACERCI (Federação Nacional de Cooperativas de Solidariedade Social), the Portuguese National Federation of Social Solidarity Cooperatives, is a body comprised of cooperatives service providers for people with intellectual disabilities. Its mission is to defend the interests and rights of these people and their families through the strengthening of its associate members.


Q3 Project results from an experience in a wide partnership with 7 organisations located in several Portuguese regions, being very different in their dimension, scope and juridical forms but that have agreed upon a cooperation protocol for stating and sharing networking principles and ethical values and keep on acting as a partnership, complementing each other. It’s composed by:



AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal



CPCCRD - Confederação Portuguesa das Colectividades de Cultura, Recreio e Desporto



FENACERCI - Federação Nacional de Cooperativas de Solidariedade Social



FMT-Federação Portuguesa de Associações de Desenvolvimento Local



IEBA - Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais



IN LOCO - Associação de Desenvolvimento Local



UTAD - Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

started in 2001 with projects developed under national and European level funding programmes namely EQUAL CI (CI-Community Initiative) and POPH aiming at the promotion of social innovation and the qualification of 3rd Sector

With these projects was possible to adapt and experiment a qualification methodology based on:

1. A problem diagnosis, done in a participative way;

2. Tailored development plan with several short term training courses and consultancy;

3. Being after implementation continuously monitored and evaluated.

Q3 Model

All steps and results benefit from the participation of all organisation (board, staff and volunteers) and are continuously presented, monitored and evaluated by all

This model is conduced by external generalist consultants and training courses are give by external specialist trainers.

Some evidence base results refer to its effectiveness in solving problems of 3rd sector organisations during:

Project C3 [Consultancy for the 3rd Sector] (2006) - was developed and tested in a pilot experience in 6 Portuguese organisations, in region Centro;

Project C3 - Algarve (2007/2008) - was developed in Algarve region, with the participation of another 9 3rd Sector organisations.

Project D3 [Digitalise 3rd Sector] (2004/2008) - helped organisations to improve their performances by giving a better use to free/open source collaborative ICT tools.

Project Q3 (2008/2012) – Q3 intervention model implementation at a national scale and in 189 organisations, such as: social solidarity institutions local development associations, leisure, cultural and sportive associations, cooperatives, mutual, foundations.

In conclusion this model generates professional/personal development, increases qualifications, improves the organisation performance, quality and promotes personal and organisational empowerment.


Sónia Fontes

FENACERCI - Federação Nacional de Cooperativas de Solidariedade Social, F.C.R.L.

Rua Augusto Macedo, 2 A


Tel: +351 217 112 580

Fax: +351 217 112 581





Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V

Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V. (an association certified as working for the public benefit) is a network of individuals, initiatives and organisations working towards the common goals of research, training and education in the areas of community economic development, local employment strategies and technological innovation . It runs an Economic Self-Help Training and Education Centre as well as an Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG) 'Local Economy'. A key focus of the research and development activities is the creation of jobs through the establishing of social enterprises. Via its work, TechNet has built up a wide range of contacts and co-operative relationships with similar projects, agencies, public sector bodies and enterprises. It brings in a learning package for the development of 3rd sector and social economy organisations which is aimed at particularly disadvantaged persons in rural and urban regions.

Contact Dr. Günther Lorenz

Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V.

Wiesenstr. 29

D-13357 Berlin

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E.Ri.Fo. is a non-profit organization in the field of research, training and guidance of adults. E.RI.FO. develops e-learning programs and courses, based on an innovative storyboarding model. For what concerns Guidance services, it owns a model and a software for recognising knowledge and skills acquired via non formal and informal learning, strongly contributing to the identification of the so-called “shadow competencies”, thus improving individual employability. It has a wide network of institutional partners, companies, trade unions and public and private training institutions. E.RI.FO.’s priority thematic areas are: development of learning environments for the acquisition of key competences; training of elder adults and or people with special needs; recognition and validation of informal and non-formal learning outcomes; application of new skills for new jobs; development of innovative management systems; education of young people with special needs; and creation of networks aimed at increasing knowledge and employability throughout entire lives. E.Ri.Fo. owns a quality management system certified by BVQI for research, guidance and training activities; it is accredited to Italian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research for training and professional development of adult education staff; it is accredited to Lazio Region for management of research and guidance activities.


Giovanna Dalessandro

European project manager

ERIFO Ente per la ricerca e formazione

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